It is not a secret that quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to a successful and profitable online approach. On the other hand, it is not a secret that Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. Therefore, it is very difficult to fulfill all the tasks and requests Google demands. According to the available data, in the year 2010, Google made 516 algorithm changes. In 2016, that number rose to 1.653 and in 2018 to 3.234 algorithm changes. With approximately 9 algorithm changes daily, it becomes very difficult to follow every Google’s move and to be able to provide an adequate answer. However, all the effort does pay off. Google processes 76.289 searches per second. This means that the easiest way for your potential client to find you through organic search is exactly by using a search engine. Clearly, you should wisely invest your time, effort and resources into quality search engine optimization, so that you could score top positions in Google searches. This task is not easily achieved, and even experienced marketers sometimes make beginner SEO mistakes!

The very first mistake is easily noticeable and very easily fixed – putting dates into your URL. It is very important to produce quality content regularly. If you write a blog, you can easily organize your posts by putting dates into your URL. It will take only one look onto your URL, and you already know when content was created. However, when you mark the date, Google understands that your post is current only for the following date. Google is allergic to false and expired news and will not consider your post relevant after the marked date. Most industries do not experience big business changes over the night, so the information mentioned in your post will probably be accurate and valid for months, or even years after posting. Never the less, Google will use your date information against you and as a criterion for eliminating “old news”. Be proactive and delete dates from your URLs right now! It is estimated that eliminating dates from URLs will bring you 50% more organic reach.

It is very important to invest your time and energy into creating quality content. The content always needs to be informative, educational and entertaining. The one thing that could potentially break your attempt to achieve SEO goals, is the fact that your content does not go through a checkup on a later date and is not updated. Before you create more new posts, be sure to review the older ones. After revision, Google will recognize your older content as relevant and will rate you better. If you are writing blog posts, you don’t have to write a brand new post and discard the old one. You could check the accuracy of the listed information and write a few new passuses if there is more information to enter. If there are some novelties in the industry you are writing about, you can use new information to update your older posts. That way, Google will still recognize your content as relevant.

You should observe your website as a whole, and not just as a group of different categories. Complexed websites are usually made of a few different pages. But, all the pages are part of the one domain. When you are creating some new content, you can always make links to your earlier posts, if the subject is similar. This way, all the parts of your website will piece together into one dynamic whole. If you are creating new posts, make sure to link old posts to the new one – you will connect all the parts of your website and raise your ratings

Do not focus only on the SEO strategy. Focus on the brand as well. Recognizable brands attract people as they become the guaranty of quality and value. Google and all the big platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, do not like false news. If you create a stable brand that all the users like and appreciate, Google will recognize your business as serious and inventive and will rank you higher for the important keywords. Make some effort to collect e-mails from your current and potential clients, so you could inform them about all the changes and novelties in your business. This way you will lure them back to your website over and over again. Be patient and invest in creating a strong and recognizable brand and Google will award you through better rankings.

All the possibilities of SEO sometimes can be blinding and will make you put the needs of the search engine before the needs of your customers and clients. That is one huge mistake. Google will rank your business based on the reactions of the visitors to your website. It uses user metrics to estimate visitor’s behavior. If most visitors leave your landing page after being there for only a few seconds – Google recognizes a website that does not give relevant or adequate information. If you make an effort only to meet the everchanging expectations of the search engine – you will end up with a growing number of dissatisfied customers, no new customers and without any conversion.

Does Google have favorites? The answer is pretty complexed. The search engine on its own does not have favorites among businesses – customers (website visitors and product users) have favorites. If you have fans among your customers and clients, they will most likely regularly search important keywords and will visit your website daily. Google will pick up that signal, recognize your brand as successful and worthy and will recommend you to everyone in the top few results.

InDigital also does not have favorites among clients. Each client deserves the best digital marketing services. Our services include adequate and comprehensive SEO strategy – without any beginner SEO mistakes.