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Case study -
AK Luxury Loans

Web development, Landing page optimization, Google ads


Our goal

The client wants us to create a simple and intuitive website. The second task is to attract as many potential users as possible through Google ads campaigns.


Web development

Landing page optimization

Google ads


Ak Luxury Loans is a company that deals with loans related to luxury products and provides its services on the territory of the United States of America.


Concept and Strategy

The first task is to create an intuitive website, which will clearly and accurately convey information and allow easy submission of loan applications. We conducted a detailed analysis, defined all the elements and created a fast and modern website, which allows users to quickly and easily submit all the necessary information.

Careful market research preceded the development of a strategy for Google ads campaigns. After that, we created the content, adjusted the tracking settings, and successfully launched the campaigns.


The Google Ads campaigns have achieved outstanding results. There was a positive return on investment after just one month! In the following months, the number of users increased by an astonishing 30%!