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Case study - Erker-Inzenjering

SEO, Google ads

Our goal

To achieve set goals, our team needs to focus on SEO and to carefully determine keywords. We also need to pay attention to Google ads campaign abroad, so we could connect with potential clients outside of Serbia. Campaign optimization is necessary for optimal results, with minimal investments.



Google ads


Erker Inzenjering D.O.O. is a company with the mission to ensure investments and construction of business premises in Novi Sad. An accent is on the top quality building. Thanks to its proactive approach, the company already built over 100000 m² of residential and business premises. Inzenjering D.O.O. has an elaborated business and recognizable brand. The goal is to increase the number of website visitors and potential foreign customers.

Concept and strategy

Our primary focus was on keywords selection and implementation. The complete onsite analysis is performed, our team adjusted all the perimeters and the offsite options. Google ads campaign was implemented abroad, in all the countries where there is a demand for new apartments in Novi Sad. The necessary analysis was conducted and after we created adjusted advertisements, the campaign was launched.


The client was positioned in the first five places for important keywords, which automatically increased the percentage of organic visits by 400%. Campaign optimization achieved maximal results with minimal investments. Our Google ads campaign provided an increase in the number of interests for buying residential spaces in Novi Sad, by 68%.