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Case study - Optika Beograd

Google ads, Social media advertising, Web development, Design

Our goal

Our task is to return old glory to the well-known brand, through digital marketing. The plan is to take advantage of all the possibilities digital media is giving us, to send the right message.


Google ads

Social media advertising


Web development


Optika Beograd is a recognizable brand, dating from the period of the old Yugoslavia. This company is known for its tradition and high quality products. Company’s recognizable brand image is the direct result of business commitment – it is carefully designed and built gradually. To this day, Optika Beograd is one of the most equipped optical shops, located at exclusive locations in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia and Republic of Srpska.

Concept and strategy

Our first task is designing a new website, which will represent the brand in the right way. The next step is to promote Optika Beograd and their assortment through social media platforms and Google ads campaigns. Our goal is to create high-quality and interesting content, and use it to attract targeted audience. Creating the right online approach for such a great brand, is a challenge of its own.
The first step is made – our team created a website that will represent Optika Beograd and all the brands that can be found in their assortment. The idea was to simplify the process, so visitors can easily find all the information about current offers and brands. Our team was focused on creating a functional mobile version of the website, as well.
Social Media is used to increase brand awareness, and to promote brands and eyewear. The strategy is carefully defined, targeted groups are segmented, and all the parameters adjusted. Everything is prepared, so our team can launch the campaign.
It was time to definy Google ads campaign. First of all, we analyzed keywords in detail. Next, we focused on creating interesting content, directed to the targeted audience. Constant work on optimization was a part of our routine. InDigital team created remarketing campaigns – lasso that can be used to bring back all the indecisive customers.


Combining different kinds of content, defining the targeted audience and comprehensive online approach brought results – number of people who heard about Optika Beograd and their assortment increased 7 times. Campaign optimization increased the number of website visitors by 140%.