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Case study -

Google ads, SEO, Social Media advertising – consulting


The Goal

Our task was clearly defined – Increasing the number of users through SEO activities, and improving Google Ads performance.


Google ads


Social Media advertising – consulting


Vitorog is a renowned company that manufactures and sells furniture and operates on more than 30,000 m2 of exhibition and sales space in major cities of Serbia.


Concept and Strategy

Our team thoroughly approached the SEO task – we identified and defined all the important elements that are key to the SEO process. A complete onsite analysis was conducted, all parameters were set, offsite opportunities were identified, and our team went into action with great enthusiasm!

A complete analysis of the existing Google Ads setup was performed and opportunities for improvement were identified. A long-term strategy was defined and all necessary activities were carried out, to optimize the existing situation and expand activities. After that, campaigns were launched, and regular optimization became integral to our ongoing activities.


The implemented activities led to outstanding results, which were manifested by an increase in the number of interested users by 32%.