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Case study -
Agile Management

Google ads, Social media advertising, Design, Content Strategy, Landing page optimization


Our Goal

Our team had a task to send the right message to the potential attendees of the course through digital media. The ultimate goal was to get course groups filled to capacities.


Google ads

Social media advertising


Content Strategy

Landing page optimization


Agile Management is a company that offers education in the field of Agile Management and Scrum.


Concept and strategy

The online course groups could be filled through:

  1. Arranging and organizing content on the website
  2. Google Ads Management
  3. Social media management

Systematization of the tasks:

  • Market and competition analysis
  • Website analysis as the main medium of the communication
  • Defining the performance strategy
  • Defining the content strategy
  • Defining the target groups and the performance indicators
  • Setting up, running and testing campaigns
  • Reporting

Market analysis was performed at the very beginning. The demand for Agile Management’s services was conducted, followed by a competition survey…

The site analysis indicated the need for numerous corrections. The priority was to redefine the organization of the pages on the website.

Our strategy was based on separating the content related to individuals, from the content related to legal entities. The result was the creation of two separate landing pages.

The primary task of landing pages was to inform visitors about company’s offer. The landing pages did not contain an application to enroll in the educational gropus. The idea was that the interested ones would continue to the home page, where all the registration information is located. This way, we created a funnel and enabled the filtering. The whole process greatly facilitated the defining of the target groups and the optimization of the campaigns.

At last, the target groups were defined, and the segmentation process could start. We paid special attention to determining the appropriate types of performances, through well-designed content (copy and visuals).

The next step was to analyze the situation, to start designing a long-term strategy for Google ads and Social Media campaigns. We carefully tested multiple campaigns with parameters specifically set for each individual country. Our team also adapted the campaigns to different target groups and different sales messages were used to compare the effect.

Finally, it was time to test achievements so far. We performed the analysis through A/B testing of different campaigns, defined by different parameters. All key performance indicators were monitored and corrective actions were applied if needed. Our engagement also included frequent, clear, and accurate reporting on the state of the campaign for a previously defined period.


All our efforts resulted in impressive progress. The capacities of all planned course groups were 100% full. As a result, a few new unplanned course terms were added and the offer was ultimately expanded.