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Case study - ICEPS

Google ads, Social media advertising, Video editing, Design, Content strategy and Copywriting, Brand communication, Web development

Our goal

We have a clear task ahead of us – raising the visibility of this higher education institution to a new level and increasing the number of interested students.


Google ads

Social media advertising


Content strategy, Copywriting

Brand communication

Web development


ICEPS is a high education establishment, found in 2005. The accent is on using modern educational techniques.

Concept and strategy

Web development implies creating a functional website, which will allow current and future students timely approach to important information. Site administrators should easily enter new and alter existing materials. Our team comes across a problem – some material is intended for already registered students, so we had to open their accounts retroactively and give them access to important information. Work results are visible in a functional website, which simply and intuitively represents ICEPS to potential future students.
Google ads campaigns are started with preliminary keywords analysis. InDigital team designed a creative approach and we conducted required preparation and campaign optimization. Remarketing campaigns are carried out, to instigate indecisive clients.


Statistical analysis shows that 47% of registered students found out about ICEPS through Google ads and website visits. The number of website visits increased by 53% on average annually, thanks to launched Google ads campaings.