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Case study - Mikromarket

Social media advertising, Brand communication, Design, Web development

Our goal

Our task is to design comprehensive and creative content on social networks, so we could represent the company and the product range in the best way possible. We will also endeavor to further upgrade company branding. Website redesign allows us to represent Mikromarket in an interesting and simple mode, with an accent on efficient navigation and site speed.


Social media advertising

Brand communication


Web development


Mikromarket is a retail chain with more than 180 branches in Novi Sad. Mikromarket company has 20 plus years of experience in retail.

Concept and strategy

Website redesign means that the client can be up to date with ongoing trends, can intuitively intrigue potential customers and beat the competition. Our team worked on an appealing visual display and efficient navigation, which resulted in a user-friendly website.
Social media engagement is directed to increase brand awareness and to promote newly opened workplaces. Targeted groups are carefully selected, based on the important parameters. Through our campaigns, we endeavored to combine different content, and to represent the client’s brand and products. Mikromarket’s trademark is the Cyrillic alphabet, so we used this aspect in social media marketing and accomplished remarkable results.


By combining different varieties of content, using effective targeting and comprehensive online appearance, the number of persons informed about Mikromarket, increased fivefold. InDigital team successfully branded Mikromarket as a local brand that promotes the Cyrillic alphabet and customers’ reactions are always distinctly positive.