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Case study - Mobileshop

Design, Social media advertising, Google ads

Our goal

Online sales will be improved through: Optimization and Google ads campaign management and Social media management. The campaign will take place in numerous different countries, which means that Google ads campaign optimization would be a challenge of its own, considering large amount of keywords. Our goal is to score greater sales, with minimal expenses. The next challenge for our team is the broad market and strong competition.



Social media advertising

Google ads


Mobileshop is a company that sales new mobile phones in EU countries. They offer a wide range of over 600 models of different devices. The selection is always up to date, prices are optimal and delivery on time. Our task is to improve online sales.

Concept and strategy

Our tasks are systematically sorted:

  • Condition analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Setup campaign
  • Performance analysis and performances corrections
  • Reports

The first step was to analyze the current condition, so we could have insight into the results of the previous campaigns. Then we focused on market researching and adjusting parameters of the potential targeted group. Adjusted parameters mean it is the right time for defining the targeted group and segmenting. Through segmenting, we can divide the available budget into segments. Our team focused on defining types of online performance, through well-designed copies and visuals.

After the analysis of the current condition, we created a longterm strategy for Google ads and Social media campaigns. We tested every campaign, with parameters adjusted for each and every country. Campaigns are adjusted to different targeted groups and different sales messages are tested and their effects compared.

Next, we examined our efforts so far. The analysis was conducted through A/B testing of different campaigns. All key indicators were reviewed and eventual corrective actions were made. Periodical campaign results reports were part of our tasks.


Report analysis showed the great success of Google ads campaigns – sales increase is up 42% per country. Social media campaign gave remarkable results as well – sales increase is up 65% through Facebook and Instagram.