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Case study - Thermal Spa Plava Zvezda

Google ads, Social media advertising, Design

Our goal

Our task is to increase the number of visitors to the complex through digital marketing.


Google ads

Social media advertising



Plava Zvezda is a thermal spa complex, which offers indoor and outdoor thermal swimming pools, hydromassage and sauna. It also serves a variety of different food and drinks. Our task is to use digital marketing to increase the number of visitors.

Concept and strategy

Firstly, we carefully analyzed the work concept of the Plava Zvezda spa complex. Then we determined the characteristics of the targeted group and decided to direct our strategy to social networking and the Google ads display campaigns.
On social networks, our strategy involved different types of campaigns. Different types of campaigns mean different targeted groups and commercial messages. This way, our team could easily test efficiency and define further strategy. The strategy is defined, targeted groups are determined and the market is localized. After adjusting the parameters, our team is ready for designing different textual and visual solutions and transmitting commercial messages.
The goal of Google ads display campaigns was to establish the brand’s presence and to increase the number of spa visitors. Our team defined the possibilities of a successful targeting, designed the concept of placed content and then launched campaigns with different messages.


Our digital marketing strategy gave excellent results. Social networking campaigns increased the number of visitors up to 30% annually. Google display campaign improved the brand’s online visibility by 350%. Consequently, organic demand increased by 120%. This type of campaign increased the number of visitors by 6% on average, annually.