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Case study - WATG

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Our goal

Our task is to provide digital marketing solutions for the online approach in all countries, with the ultimate goal to increase interest in the Work and Travel GROUP program. We are faced with numerous challenges, including different markets in different countries and mentality differences in various regions.


Google ads

Social media advertising


Email marketing

Web development


Work and Travel GROUP is the department of the Special Travel Agency – the biggest agency in Southeast Europe, that provides work and travel programs for college students. Work and Travel Group has its branches in 7 countries in Europe: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, Greece, and Spain.

Concept and strategy

The first step of our complete strategy would be to focus on SEO. The next step is to implement Google ads campaigns in Serbia and abroad. Social Media strategy would imply efficient audience targeting – increasing in student’s inquiry and decreasing in inquiries from social groups that don’t fulfill the terms of the Work and Travel GROUP program.

Our approach to SEO is always efficient – exploring and defining keywords. We carried out the complete onsite analysis, adjusted all parameters, recognized all the offsite possibilities, and were ready for action!

Google ads campaign is implemented in all the countries where Work and Travel GROUP operates. After numerous analyses, advertisements are adjusted to different markets and were successfully launched. Campaign optimization means that our team profitably achieved all the goals, with minimal investment.

Social Media engagements have a goal of its own: increasing brand awareness, increment in queries and efficient targeting. The strategy is defined in a way to include different types of campaigns, intended for various target groups, and formulated through different sales messages. This way we can determine the efficiency of certain campaign types. Defined strategy, targeted audience, and adjusted parameters mean that our team is ready for designing different visual and textual creative solutions.

InDigital team put in an extra effort, so we designed a bonus promotion channel – email. Our mission is to create a strategy and to increase the lead numbers. The goal is to create an email list of interested students. This goal is fulfilled, by educating through informative content and sending promotional materials.


SEO analysis showed its results: first positions for keywords, and fivefold increment in organic traffic! Google ads campaigns achieved fantastic results as well – a 57% increment in website traffic and an 11% increment in number of interested students, in the following year. Impressions are increased three times and reach by 38,87%. A decrease in queries from persons that don’t fulfill the terms of the program is achieved – by 42,12%. On the other hand, targeting resulted in an increased percentage of interested students: by 13% in all the countries annually. The email campaign was a way to go! The email list of interested students is increased by, average, 52% annually, in all of the countries. Through an email campaign, our team achieved an increase in the number of interested students by 8%.

The results of our efforts and campaigns are manifested through the total increase of interested students by 32% annually, in all of the countries where our digital marketing campaign was conducted.